I’m done with Foursquare

Remember when foursquare was a ruthlessly brutal playground “app” where you downloaded a BALL from the GYM and kicked ASS?

HELL yeah.

"Three enter, but only one can serve."

Then it became an OCD compulsion.

I couldn’t talk to the hostess at a restaurant til I’d checked in.

Or land without fumbling for my mobile and using the last of its battery (EVERY F-ING TIME) to tally another airport.

When I became the on-again, off-again “mayor” of Sadness (aka Portland International Airport, or PDX), I knew I was pushing it.

When I was dethroned as the “mayor” of the Auburn Hills Marriott Pontiac at Centerpoint, in Pontiac Michigan, 4square suggested cheerfully that a few more soul-sucking stops there might ‘put me back on top’.


I’m not over geolocation – I believe it’s huge and getting huger and will be super super huge. But here’s the thing: I want more storytelling and less box ticking. More participatory narrative, less faster badge acquisition. Things like Blacktop, or Casey Halverson’s Nike+ hack are neat directional moves…but they focus on automating the process of check ins and check in aggregation, and I want ones that deepen the actual experience.

Geolocative DEPTH, not breadth. In the moment, not for posterity

Things that make ‘being in a place’ about more than a few finger taps and adequate wireless coverage.