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Betaworks’ Borthwick on Flow

"Think" blog author John Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks, wrote a fascinating piece entitled "Distribution…now", about the emergence of the "Now" web – an interactive experience fed by the flow (or streams) of real time data.  It's well worth the read, and here's some bits:

"Dave Winer put it this way: 'think about
Twitter as a rope of information — at the outset you assume you can
hold on to the rope.  That you can read all the posts, handle all the
replies and use Twitter as a communications tool, similar to IM — then
at some point, as the number of people you follow and  [that] follow you rises
— your hands begin to burn. You realize you can't hold the rope you need
to just let go and observe'  

…[data stream] context is provided mostly via social
interactions and gestures.    People send out a message…[their] network pick up from
there.   The message is re-tweeted, favorite’d,  liked or
re-blogged, appropriated with attribution to creator or the
source message…it
spins, picking up velocity and more context as it swirls." 

Cell Fatwas

[found @]

Fatwa Issued Answering Cell Phone during Aayat

A Muslim organization has issued a fatwa over using verses from
the Koran as ringtones, saying that answering the call while the aayat
(verses from the Koran) is going on is a sin. It argues that people
answer calls midway through the aayat, leave the verse incomplete. TechTree reports via Channel 4.

panel of clerics in Kanpur India, also said that taking a cellphone to
the toilet as it rings is a sin because aayat cannot be heard in a

Other cell phone related Fatwas:

A Fatwa Against Ringtones
– An imam at a Mosque in Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa against mobile
phones after one rang during prayers on Saturday, playing Arabic pop

I’m loving Guarvanomics today

"With even the farmer in rural India able to “follow”
other viewers around the globe through micro-blogging vehicles like
Twitter, that website’s co-founder, Biz Stone, says we can expect “the
first two- or even three-screen” inauguration”. 
WTF! First, Twitter is so niche that only geeks (or wannabe geeks)
use it, not only in India, but also in United States. Second, farmers
in India aren’t going to watch Barack Obama’s inauguration on three
screens, or even one, because there’s no electricity in their villages"

Mobile drama

[via mobile marketing magazine]

"20:20 London, Incentivated and the COI
(Central Office of Information) have collaborated to launch ‘THMBNLS’,
an interactive, ad-funded mobile soap opera for the Department of
Children, Schools and Families. THMBNLS follows the lives of six
teenagers and raises awareness of sexual wellbeing. The 22 weekly
episodes will be available exclusively via the mobile Internet, and
will be free to download. 

Viewers register online via their
mobile browser at: Traffic is being driven to the site
via mobile banner ads placed across the six operator portals; 3, O2,
Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin and Vodafone. The first of the weekly
30-second episodes was  released at 7pm on Friday 9 January, with
viewers reminded to watch the next episode by text message or vCalendar
entries they have previously downloaded to their phone thereafter. The
‘vCalendar’ can be downloaded to activate the handset’s alarm function,
thereby avoiding the cost of additional SMS reminders."

I like the interface they've built to replicate the mobile experience online.

NIN Rules

Yes, I know.  Fanboy.  Still willing to thrash to vertebral incapacity to 'Head Like a Hole'.  Mobile 'phon-tography' and 'Qik'-ing my way through 'Lights in the Sky'.  Fine.

Harbringers of 'MP3 sales cannibalizing album sales' doom:  Ghosts I-IV, available through '08 as a free download was also the year's best selling album.

The 'Music Industry' got kneecapped, outflanked, outfoxed, outdistributed.  But Musicians may well be back. 

Hell – I'm going to have to add NIN as a tag on this site, the way Reznor keeps racking up the firsts.

[Nod to Chris Anderson via Phillip Torrone]

Cybergeddon reaches #3, after Nukes and WMD

[via Yahoo]

Sebastian Smith wrote today for the AFP on the possibility of a "Cybergeddon" like assault on the US tech infrastructure (e.g. the alleged Russian vs. Estonia and Georgia hackfests gone super-size) as a clear and present danger to the nation.

Interesting quote from Donald Codling, the FBI's cyber unit liaison with the Department of Homeland Security:

"What the Internet has allowed you to do is make all the human
frailities like greed, avarice and all those lovely things much more