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we are hard-wired for ‘same day’

Much of the heat around the Walmart and ‘eBay Now‘ plans to test same-day shipping has been generated through the positioning of these efforts as a ‘retail/e-tail battle royale’ with pretty much everyone against Amazon.

Rebecca Greenfield at The Atlantic writes: “Walmart will send Internet-purchased items to you the very same day as online check-out, in 5 select cities…Amazon already offers that same quick delivery time in 10 cities…Walmart [has] 4,000 stores primed for this delivery option…Amazon…40 warehouse distribution centers. That means Walmart could offer same-day delivery to a lot more people in far more obscure places.”

Game on!

There are operational and logistical hurdles to overcome (and Amazon’s done this “e-mmediate” thing before – remember Kosmo?), but with the global near-ubiquity of mobile, marketers should pay close attention: when you can impulse-buy anywhere there’s a data up/down, every brand impression is a potential point-of-sale.

Imagine: on your lunch break, you see a Coca-Cola awning – a minute with your mobile, and Amazon ‘Same-day’ has a case waiting on your doorstep when you get back from work. All the light touches that add up to our personal brand experiences – vending machines, retail signage, delivery trucks, packaging, social media, and yes, advertising – are purchase-enabled product shelving in the infinite aisle of Amazon.

(And people LIKE instant gratification – the more instant the better. We are hard-wired for same-day. That’s why 3-d printing is the next industrial revolution and all this will change again.)

Granular sales attribution to individual brand expressions may be hellish, but if Amazon, eBay and Walmart (and their partners) enable infinite-shelf impulse-buy, could this be a way for CMO’s to use their brand footprints in entirely new ways to drive revenue? Could an unintended consequence of “Same Day” be a reconsideration of the right column for ‘Marketing’ on the P&L (revenue, instead of expense?), and with it, a reconsideration of the value of brand communications in the overall revenue mix?

I think it’s cool to get stuff the same day. Or even better: yesterday.

what do you think? – would you buy CPG’s from this old woman?


I know – I was hoping for something else, too.  And if you are looking for Mr. Cooper's August 2009 midwest tour dates and locations, click here.  Or listen to him now while you read.

sooo…was hanging on Mashable, when I came across their positive review of newly launched – though a Web Van investor posted a "get serious"-type comment.

In the
category, offers some interesting tools, a decent product selection for launch, and lets you both buy your regular CPG purchase items
direct (w/ free shipping via UPS) and/or set preferences and receive (email)
reminders on when to restock. 

blah blah blah.

But one feature really stood out for me: the way uses coupons to create value and urgency using three variables – # of personal uses each coupon afforded, the offer expiration date, and the remaining number of available uses for the offer.  See the sample below on Old Spice:

Picture 1

Amy Jo Kim would be proud.  If you haven't seen her presentation on putting the "Fun in Functional", it's worth a read: